Student Research

Cutts, Jamie, M.Sc . (in progress). Characterization of ca. 1090-1070 syn - post - tectonic plutonic suites within different terrane settings and implications for metallogeny, Composite Arc Belt, Ontario Grenville Province. 

Scott, Steven M. D.  M.Sc.  (in progress).  Structural geometry evolution of the western margin of the Yukon Tanana terrane during Mesozoic to Paleogene orogenesis, Tincup Lake area, northern Canadian Cordillera, Yukon.  

van Rooyen, Deanne. Ph.D. (in progress).  40Ar/39Ar thermochronology and isotope systematics in high-grade migmatitic rocks and implications of LACIPMS detrital zircon studies for the tectonic evolution of the Thor-Odin dome, southern Canadian Cordillera.