Selected Publications

(in order of most recent first; students names in italics)

Simony, P.S. and Carr, S.D.  2011.  Cretaceous to Eocene evolution of the southeastern Canadian Cordillera: Continuity of Rocky Mountain thrust systems with zones of “in-sequence” mid-crustal flow.  Journal of Structural Geology, 33: 1417-1434.

Evenchick, C.A., McMechan, M.E., McNicoll, V.J., and Carr, S.D.  2007.  A synthesis of the Jurassic–Cretaceous tectonic evolution of the central and southeastern Canadian Cordillera: Exploring links across the orogen.  In Sears, J.W., Harms, T.A., and Evenchick, C.A., eds., Whence the Mountains?  Inquiries into the Evolution of Orogenic Systems: A Volume in Honor of Raymond A. Price.

Carr, S.D. and Simony, P.S. 2006.  Ductile thrusting versus channel flow in the southeastern Canadian Cordillera: evolution of a coherent crystalline thrust sheet.  In: Law, R.D., Searle, M.P. & Godin, L., eds, Channel Flow, Ductile Extrusion and Exhumation in Continental Collision Zones.  Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 268, 561–587.

Devine, F.Carr, S.D., Murphy, D.C., Davis, W.J., Smith, S. and Villeneuve, M.  2006.  Geochronology and geochemistry constraints on the origin of the Klatsa metamorphic complex:  Implications for Early Mississippian high pressure metamorphism within Yukon-Tanana Terrane,  In Colpron, M., Nelson, J. L., and Thompson, R. I., eds., Paleozoic evolution and metallogeny of pericratonic terranes at the ancient Pacific margin of North America, Canadian and Alaskan Cordillera, Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 45, 107-130.  

Hinchey, A.M.Carr, S.D., McNeill, P.D. and Rayner, N.  2007.  Bulk compositional controls on the preservation of age domains within metamorphic monazite: A case study from quartzite and garnet cordierite-gedrite gneiss of Thor-Odin dome, Monashee complex, Canadian Cordillera.  Chemical Geology, 240, 85-102.

Hinchey, A.M.Carr, S.D., McNeill, P.D. and Rayner, N.  2006.  Paleocene-Eocene high-grade metamorphism, anatexis and deformation in Thor-Odin dome, Monashee complex, southeastern British Columbia.  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 43: 1341-1365.

Rayner, N., Stern, R. and Carr, S.  2005.  Grain-scale variations in trace element composition of fluid-altered zircon, Acasta Gneiss Complex, northwestern Canada.  Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 148; 721-734. 

Gibson, H.D., Carr, S.D., Hamilton, M.A. & Brown, R.L.  2004.  Correlating yttrium zones and age domains in monazite with metamorphic reactions involving major pelitic phases: an integration of IDTIMS and SHRIMP geochronology with Y-Th-U X-ray mapping. Chem. Geol. 211: 237-260.