Dr. Sharon D. Carr – Geological Consulting

Geological, structural and timing controls on ore deposits

For ~30 years I have been teaching and training geologists as well as carrying out mapping, structural mapping and geochronology on rocks from a wide variety of geological settings.  Research directly related to ore deposits includes the study of relationships between fault systems, plutonism and metalogeny, and applications of geochronology for dating ore deposits.  

Geological consulting activities to mining companies include: site visits to help evaluate map and deposit interpretations; structural mapping and analysis; geochronology and geochemistry project design, sampling and interpretation; and integration of all data sets, including geophysical data, into geological models. 

Although my main focus is on research and teaching, I have some availability for consulting activities (i.e. site visits and training).  Please scarr [at] earthsci [dot] carleton [dot] ca (contact me).