Sam Morton

PhD Student - 2015

Sam groundwater sampling in Clarence-Rockland, ONSam will investigate the transport of groundwater contaminants from oil sands tailings and particulalry the importance of colloids on contaminant transport.


Andrew Craig

MSc Student - 2015

Andrew Craig at the Baffinland mine in Nunavut

Andrew will conduct laboratory column experiments to investigate water-rock interactions under elevated temperatures

Stephanie Roussel

MSc Student - 2015

Stephanie will investigate contaminant transport in groundwater downstream of an oil sands tailings impoundment

Stephanie at Big Bend, TX

Carrie Fong

Environmental Science Honours Student - 2015/2016

Carrie will asses the impact of waste rock on surface and groundwater quality at the Ore Chimney mine. 

Carrie water sampling at the Ore Chimney mine


Robert Wu

Earth Sciences Honours Student - 2015/2016

Robert mapping basalt outcrop of the Mesoproterozoic Grenville orogen in Kaladar, ON

Robert's project involves the analysis of gas pressures within a covered waste-rock pile to investigate the effects of the cover on gas, heat and oxygen transport processes within the waste rock. This study will help to understand the mechansisms of gas transport in waste rock leading to better management practices. 


Kamal Atwal

Environmental Science Honours Student - 2015/2016

Kamal Preparing Tailings Column

Kamal's project will investigate metal and organic leaching and mobility in oil sands tailings











Andrew Hicks

Dean’s Summer Research Intern - Summer 2015

Andrew Hicks water sampling at ore chimneyProjects included; 

- laboratory tank experiments to characterize hydraulic conductivity changes near the water table.

- development of laboratory column experiments to characterize mineral water interaction in artificially heated aquifers.

- water sampling at the Ore Chimey mine site to characterize the impact of waste rock on groundwater quality.





Nakash Ali

Program Developer/Co-op Student - Winter 2015

Nakash AliProject: Development of MIN3Pro, a graphical user interface for the reactive transport model MIN3P.